Effective Tips On How To Make Braces Strong And Clean

Many people are now undergoing orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, wearing a dental accessory can be annoying. The small food bits can get caught in the elastic parts and wires of your braces. If you are having problems in how to keep your braces clean, check out the tips below that you have to remember:

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water will help flush away the small bits of food which is stuck in your brackets and wires. After eating, it is a good habit to gargle water according to a dentist from Victoria Street Dental Surgery. With this, it can remove the dirt more efficiently and make your teeth clean.

Do Not Eat Hard Foods

Avoid eating foods that require lots of biting and chewing. Example of this are bagels, French bread, nuts, carrots, and apples. If you like eating this food, make sure to transform them into the pureed, ground, or moistened versions.

Avoid Crisps

Junk foods and potato chips can be stuck in between the arch or wires of your braces. This can also leave an oily coating on the teeth and become plaque in the end.

Say No to Candies

Candies are pack with sugar. Soft candies are worst for your teeth since it is sticky. It can stick in the wires and get stuck for a few hours. This is especially true if you failed to brush it properly.

Try an Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are also called as the proxa brushes. These are designed to clean the spaces between your teeth which were surrounded by braces. With this, it can remove easily any dirt on the teeth, according to professional interceptive orthodontic.

Avoid a Chewing Gum

Just like soft candies, gums can get stuck in the braces. However, unlike candies, gums cannot be dissolved by water. Since the gums are sticky, it can be harder to remove. This is because it can stick and stretch to whatever material inside your mouth, even the toothbrush.

Skip Pastries and Cakes

Pastries and cakes have an icing that can leave the braces and teeth with a sticky coating. With this, it can speed up the plaque development and bacteria growth.

Minimize Eating Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Products

Whole grains and wheat contain some small particles that can get trapped between the archwires and the teeth. Unlike candies, these cannot be dissolved in water which can cause some difficulty in its removal. Moreover, it is hard to remove such particles using a toothpick.

Brush Your Tongue

When you brush your teeth, don’t forget your tongue. This area is full of bacteria which can reproduce if not prevented.