The Purpose Of Wheel Chair Hoist

Disabled person is the person whose daily routine activities are restricted due to his mental or physical impairments. The disability in patients varies from patient to patient; some patients are unable to move while others are unable to lye by themselves. To help disabled person, various Para mobility products or equipments have been introduced. These equipments not only make things comfortable for the disabled person but also make it easier for the caretaker. Wheel chair is a chair which is specifically made for handicapped or disabled people. To lift these wheel chairs; wheel chair hoist has been introduced. In this article, we will be discussing about the purpose of wheel chair hoist.

Wheel chair:

Wheel chair is a chair which is particularly made for disabled or handicapped people who are unable to walk by themselves so they use wheel chair for their daily activities. Wheel chair is a chair which is fitted with wheels for the purpose of transport. There are different types of disability equipment Australia varying from pediatric wheelchairs to reclining wheelchairs, from single arm drive wheelchairs to sport wheel chairs and from tilt wheelchairs to ultra light wheelchairs. These wheelchairs vary from one another on the basis of their composition and features.

Wheel chair hoist:

People often think that if already a wheel chair has been made for disabled people then why we need a wheel chair hoist.  The thing is that wheel chair along with the weight of a patient becomes quite heavy for a caretaker to pick it up and put it in any vehicle or any other heighted place. So, for this purpose wheel chair hoist has been introduced. There are basically four types of wheel chair hoists; two way hoists, four way hoists, six way hoists and telescopic hoists.

The purpose of wheel chair hoist:

Wheel chair hoists are connected or joined with wheel chair through different ways. It can be done by open hooks, closed hooks or by the help of springs, whichever way suits a person the best shall be used. The basic purpose of a wheel chair hoist is that it helps in lifting the wheel chair from the ground and putting it in the vehicle. So, basically it helps in lifting the wheel chair from the ground level to the heighted place which makes the work easier for the patient as well as caretaker.


Various products or equipments have been made which are specifically built to make life comfortable for disabled people. These equipments help the handicapped people to carry out their daily life activities with ease. One such product is wheel chair, which is made for people who are unable to walk on their feet due to different reason. These wheel chairs help in moving from one place to another but still in some scenarios a person has to enter in a car or have to reach some height place, for which a wheel chair hoists have been introduced. “Para mobility” provides the best wheelchair hoists for every kind of wheelchair.

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